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Real Estate: It’s a Glamorous Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

I think we have all had those clients. You know the ones. They expect first rate service at a discount rate. They won’t fail to complain about the cost of repairs or prepping their house after you pull a rabbit out of your hat. These same clients have also likely already “negotiated” your commission down, and without fail will likely ask for a seller credit too. If you give a mouse a cookie, right?

Being a realtor comes with a few pre-conceived judgements from both clients and new realtor hopefuls. Many people believe being a realtor means BMW’s, high heels, and high-priced commissions. LOL. Don’t worry, plenty of us agents started out with these same delusions of grandeur. The key is to let reality hit you hard and keep going. In this article, I’ll walk you through the top ten miss-conceptions made by both clients and new agents. Even if you have never desired to take on this thankless and aging profession, this article will help set the record straight the next time you have the audacity to suggest that a realtor’s commission is too big and too easy to come by.

1. You’ll make a ton of money. Just connect up with the people you know. Insert a big barrel of laughs here. If you’re like most realtors, you are likely transitioning from a prior career. Or maybe two, or maybe three. Approaching your high school graduating class from 20 years ago, or even your cousin’s boyfriend’s family, for the fifth time to sell a product or service, probably won’t work out as easily as you expect. News flash, no one will take you seriously before you have ever sold a home. Don’t be offended that no one is willing to trust you with their life savings and future right off the bat.

2. You get to dress up all the time! Wow can’t wait to go shopping at Banana Republic. I’ll never forget the first time I realized that dressing like a basic clone of everyone else in this town won’t set you apart. I once had a manager tell me I should wear a “suit” to my son’s soccer practice. A suit? Where would I get one of those? I began my career in Banana land, and now, after evolving into my own and finding the security and bond with a team, I’ve realized it is far better to come authentic, than to show up on a wet and muddy soccer field peddling rumors that you are a realtor. I believe people respect authenticity more than they do cloning. With that said, you still need to know your audience. I probably wouldn’t wear a wool beanie or flashy American flag fanny pack to a listing appointment for old rich people. On the other side, you likely should skip the Louis Vuitton logo pencil skit and Gucci sweater combo when attending a listing appointment on skid row. Hey, a listing is a listing!

3. You get to drive a nice car! And write it off on your taxes too! Yahoo! NOT. If you even sell enough real estate to qualify for a car loan, you can only write off the miles. Womp, womp. If you don’t sell enough to comfortably pay a car payment, you probably have a second job- something less glamorous. Since becoming a realtor, I have been a personal shopper (attempted), worked at two luxury clothing boutiques, dabbled in website design, oh and sold off all of my luxury goods to pay monthly bills including my car payment. What a joy it is to be in sales!

4. Houses sell themselves. You only need to put it

online! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am tempted to leave my response to this common misconception at that, but for the purposes of this article, and setting the record straight, I’ll divulge. Selling a house, quickly, and for top dollar takes much more than just posting it to the MLS. The preparation needed, the vendors to coordinate, the marketing to create, if done well, it all comes together like the freakin’ Nutcracker. If done wrong, your home sale will look more like a big rig pile up on the I5 freeway, maybe even with a lawsuit attached. While it’s whimsical to think that all seller’s will take your advice and deliver you a sparkling clean product to sell, in reality, this rarely ever happens. In more cases than not, preparing a home to go on the market requires calculation, strategy, blood, sweat, and tears. Good luck with throwing it on MLS.

5. Your schedule is flexible. Unless you are a top producing agent, yes, your schedule is so flexible. You probably won’t have work for months on end! Some agents fill their time prospecting, cold calling, door knocking. Others fill their time with hope and prayers for another client down the line. However you decide to use your downtime, be sure to stay at home. You won’t have any money to do anything else if you have a flexible schedule.

6. Anyone can do it! Anyone CAN do it! Everyone can definitely end up rid of self-confidence, savings, friends and a home.

7. Once you get going, you’ll be OK. Yes it’s true. Until your next sale closes and you have absolutely nothing in your pipe line other than a few far off rentals.

8. Sellers are always happy when they sale closes. Insert a Genie and a lamp here.

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