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Real Estate: Interesting and Not so Interesting Characters

In real estate, you have three types of agents, the clean cut professional type who serial post on instagram even though they haven’t sold a property in the past year, the agent who wears joggers and sneakers to listing appointments and get the listing, and the scammers. The scammers are the agents who offer reduced listing fees, vacations and or boujie presents just to get a sale. Let’s break this down.

1 The professional type. You see this a lot in new agents. These agents see the “lifestyle” of a real estate agent and assume if you got the sway, you’ve got the listing in the bag. Although these agents seem like they’re all that on instagram, they’re nobody’s in the industry. The fancy clothes and blingy watches might attract the eye, but get up close and you’ll realize the watch is a knock off from TJ Maxx. A lot of people say, “fake it till you make it,” but that doesn’t cut it in this industry. What you put in is what you’ll get out and don’t let anyone tell you different.

2 The joggers. These agents are the real ones with swag. Most of these agents have been in the business 25 plus years and have earned the right to wear joggers and sneakers. Working their ass off since their twenties have earned a reputation that upholds them. Walking into a listing appointment with confidence makes all the difference.

3 Ooh, and the scammers. These agents are everywhere and they know how to work people. It seems like a great idea to buy a house and get a free vacation out of it. Yeah, sometimes it works out but watch out for the hidden fees, long transactions and poor communication.

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